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As this is my first Blog, please   give me some feedback on how i am doing.....   I have been trying to find ways to update my website and be a bit more proactive in my Photography business. I went to the AIPP conference last week and the speakers there spoke about blogs......   I was have never done anything like this before (im a bit behind the times) so I   logged onto my website and started to have a look at some different ways   I could change it for the better.

I have found lately that   I am getting very confused and way behind the times in all this new technology crap.   I am still learning about different editing programs, camera gear, albums, etc. I guess   I am the type of person that doesnt go looking for new things. I wish   I was, and   I hope to change this attitude, as there is so much out there that   I dont know about.

My head is just full of new ideas after the conference and   I hope to share them with you all soon. Keep an eye out for my blogs. lol I can say that now. I have a blog yay!!!!

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